WhatsApp Upcoming Features – Touch ID and Face ID Support

For the past few weeks we have seen a lot of updates from the whatsapp messenger app, while the user 👤 of the whatsapp messenger are still anticipating the launch of the awaited feature referred to as “Dark Mode“.

Nevertheless, aside from this feature there’s another feature which whatsapp messenger set to roll out anytime soon which are “vacation” and “silent” mode although the features are still in progress.

WhatsApp Upcoming Features – Touch ID and Face ID Support

More updates are beginning to pop up and one of which is the Touch ID/Face ID features.

Touch ID/ Face ID Feature:

The Touch ID/ Face ID feature is a new feature still in works usable only if your device has Face ID or Touch ID support.

As soon as this feature is enabled, whenever you open your whatsapp messenger app Face ID or Touch ID authentication will be required.

This is a new protection level added by WhatsApp. If you enter too many wrong attempts, WhatsApp will ask you to enter your Passcode.

Once the feature is available, you’ll find it in your Privacy Settings>>Touch ID.

It appears this feature (Touch I D/ Face ID) is currently being develop for iPhone users, and we don’t know if it will be made available for Android users in the future.

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