How to Subscribe Glo Data Plan 2018 for Android, iPhone, Blackberry

All glo subscribers who are searching for glo data plan in 2018, prices, activation codes and the way to subscribe need to bookmark this page as it can be beneficial to you nowadays or later within the year as i will preserve updating it for you.

The grand masters of data as glo is popularly known in nigeria remains the excellent data network within country. One of the exceptional plans from globacom is the N1000 for 3.2GG monthly plan that can work with any phone (android, blackberry, ios or window device) or even internet modems.

How to Subscribe Glo Data Plan 2018 for Android, iPhone, Blackberry



Glo Daily Plans

200 for 200MB

At times what you need is just a decent daily plan that can serve a purpose and Glo has got your back, with 200 Naira, you get 200MB to use for the day.

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Dial *127*56# to subscribe for this plan

Alternatively, Text “56” to 127 via SMS

₦100 for 100MB

With just 100 Naira, you get 100MB to browse the internet for a whole day.

To subscribe dial *127*51#

Text “51” to 127


₦500 for 1.6GB Plan

Globacom says, with just ₦500, you will get 1.6GB of data to browse from 12Midnight to 6AM that will last you for 10 days.

To subscribe dial *127*57#

Alternatively, text “57” to 127 via SMS message

Glo Monthly data plans (Internet Bundles)

₦1,000 for 3.2GB

Even after lowering their data packages last year, the glo 1000 still offers a whooping 2.2GB data when you autorenew your data package deal as a result making it a number of the first-rate monthly data plans in nigeria even though there are different networks that gives double data like mtn and airtel. In truth, it’s 1.7GB higher than what you’ll get somewhere else.

To subscribe, dial *127*53#

  Alternatively, Text “53” to 127

Table Showing All Glo Data plans in Nigeria (2018)

Plan Validity Opt-in Code
Daily Glo Data Plans
30MB @ ₦50 1 day *127*14#
100MB @ ₦100 1 day *127*51#
200MB @ ₦200 3 days *127*56#
Weekly Glo Data Plans
1.6GB @ ₦500 10 days *127*57#
Monthly Glo Data Plans
3.2GB @ ₦1,000 30 days *127*53#
7.5GB @ ₦2,000 30 days *127*55#
10GB @ ₦2,500 30 days *127*58#
12GB @ ₦3,000 30 days *127*54#
18GB @ ₦4,000 30 days *127*59#
24GB @ ₦5,000 30 days *127*2#
48GB @ ₦8,000 30 days *127*1#
60GB @ ₦15,000 30 days *127*12#
90GB @ ₦18,000 30 days *127*13#
Glo Night and Weekend Plans
1GB @ ₦200 1 night *127*60#

Checking Data Balance on Glo

To check your Glo data balance simply dial *127*0#,

Or text “INFO” to 127.

I hope the information here guides you whenever you are subscribing for data plan in Nigeria this year.


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