Private Replies and Picture in Picture Features to hit WhatsApp Web Version

Whatsapp web/desktop version can be getting an update anytime soon in order to deliver in new and amazing update They consist of: private replies and picture in picture. The popular on the spot messenger has been trying out and has rolled out plenty of updates recently, so we need to be expecting this new ones with a bit of luck in 2018.

According to an insider @wabetainfo, the brand new features are still under review and developvement, but here’s how they may work.

WhatsApp Private Replies Feature

The reply feature on whatsapp may be getting a lift, and really soon, users might be able to privately respond a message recieved in a group.

As soon as the update is out, you may access to this features by using the new “reply privately” button, then whatsapp will automatically open the chat with the contact to send a message. For the receiver to know what you are talking about, the message you send will quote the group message.

WhatsApp Picture in Picture Feature

With this feature, you may be able to whatch videos and chat at the equal time. To achieve this, whatsapp pip will open the sent/recieve video in a separate window.

There’ll be a new icon while whatching a video, and after you tap on it, the picture in picture will start—with the chosen video—in a new window with a lovely user interface.

Like i in advance said, most of these are expected to debut on the whatsapp web/desktop version next year.