How To Accumulate And Setup MTN GamePlus (GM+) 150MB Data On HTTP Injector

mornig guys am very sure most of you have got gotten the free mtn gameplus 150MB data published right here the previous day. Well, it got here to my notice that now not absolutely everyone who got it are capable of browse with it even after I dropped the psiphon settings for it. So that’s why i compiled this post to show you a way to use http injector to power all apps with mtn gameplus free data

How To Accumulate And Setup MTN GamePlus (GM+) 150MB Data On HTTP Injector

This unique mtn gameplus is not a cheat as mtn nigeria is formally use of it to have fun this christmas with subscribers. In reality, they referred to as it XMAS bonus. I’m able to additionally use this opportunity to reveal you the way to accumulate the data up to 1.5GB per day on a single mtn sim.

See How To Accumulate


  • Your MTN SIM
  • Your Android phone
  • HTTP injector (download here)
  • Strong network


  1. First, download http injector apk on Google play Store or from the link provided above
  2. Install the app and launch it
  3. Next, tap on the document Sign and tap Import Con  fig 
  4. Then locate the .ehi files for the MTN setting downloaded from the link below?
  5. Download the MTN Xmas Bonus game plus http injector ehi config file here
  6. Or use MTN Game Plus .ehi Download 2 (New)
  7. Then, Tick DNS ( Default DNS)
  8. Make sure your data connection is ON and Click START to start blazing the MB on other apps and browsing with the mtn game+ cheat.

That’s it. I hope this method is useful. Meanwhile, if the psiphon pro lite method worked for you, no need to do this one. enjoy whilst it lasts.

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