WhatsApp to Introduce “Admin Super Powers” feature on its next updates

People who use telegram app could be familiar with this feature referred to as “Admin Super Powers“. Whatsapp has brought a whole lot of features recently and some other most anticipated features is coming soon.

These are the features of the admin super powers:

The power: the feature will permit the main administrator to have control over different admins. Whatsapp will prevent the group creator from being deleted with the aid of other administrators.

Subject modifications: most-desired, administrator can be able to pick out if participants or other admins will be capable of modify the group’s description, icon, and subject. Once enabled that only admin can edit the subject, icon and outline, a notification could appear notifying that only admins are eligible to change the settings

Restrict in group: this feature will allow admin to disable the chat. Which means, users will only read messages however won’t be able to send group textual content messages, images, videos, gifs, documents, voice messages or maybe starting a new live location. Meanwhile, at the same time as the group chat is disabled, a message will seem telling that “only admin can send messages on this group”. The settings of this feature can only be altered after 72 hours.

However, the feature roll out date has no specific time frame but become pronounced to come out around 2018.

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