New Method To Activate MTN 100% Double Data Bonus without Changing IMEI

This is a good information to anybody on mtn’s network as they can now get and activate mtn 100% double data bonus with out shopping for a new phone or even changing/tweaking your android phone’s imei.

Keep in mind the mtn a 100% double data bonus that we use to activate via imei tweaking? The best news now could be that, you can now activate this double data bonus without tweaking your phone’s imei. Interesting huh?

What this indicates is that, all mtn users with any sort of smartphone can now activate mtn 100% double data bonus with out tweaking the phone’s imei. It’s quite simple and straightforward.

Mtn double information offer has been around for over a 12 months now but they recently decreased the bonus from 100% to simply 20% in a few phones and additionally stopped it on a few device.

A few people along with me has been given 100% bonus in preference to the 20% bonus that was activated after tweaking. However this new method will come up with 100%, data bonus on mtn dealzone. That is definitely a price for cash, and i have been playing it here.

Like i said in advance, this can work on all mtn sims regardless the sort of smartphone you’re using, be it android, ios or windows smartphone. It does not require any rooting or tweaking of imei variety. Simply send an sms and chill! You’ll get activated for the offer. Comply with my below steps to activate 100% double data bonus with out tweaking imei.

 How To Activate New MTN Double Data Offer

Go to message and send these Messages
>> Send DOUBLE to 131
>> Send PROMO to 131
>> Send FREE to 131

You will receive three messages from MTN.

>> First message will read: “Your request has been received”

>> Second message will read: “You have sent an invalid command”

>> Third message will read: “Dear Customer, enjoy Data offers on MTN Deal Zone, Dial *131*1#”

After receiving the 1/3 message, you may now purchase your data plan via dialling *131*1# and experience your double bonus.

To keep away from any regrets, attempt buying daily plan of 50MB for N100 and see if it will likely be doubled as “device bonus” earlier than subscribing to larger plans, then opt out of auto-renewal.


To check your data balance dial *131*4# or sms 2 to 131 to check your data and bonus data balance.

Note that data bonus won’t be given to you if you purchase data from third party sellers.

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