See Reasons Your Infinix Phone is Not Charging or Charging Fast

Infinix is one of the Android smartphone that is utilized by many people in nigeria and other countries. there’s a first-rate problem that often have an effect on its users, which is charging issue. once in a while, the charging is sluggish and won’t even be charging.

However, infinix has unveiled a brand new features with the intention to remedy that issues it is known as x charge but nonetheless yet, the problem keeps re-occurring and is of course worrying to look your smartphone being charged for hours however best left with a bit battery percentage while checked.

Typically, your phone speculated to rate for 1 hour and 30 minutes to get 100% battery lifestyles. if it takes more than 1 hour 30mins to get one 100%, you need to find out a few issues. this post will carry a few answers to you.

1. Bad charger: if your infinix smartphone takes longer than 1 hour 30 minutes, it might be from bad charger. it’s far tremendously endorsed to use infinix follow-come charger that comes directly from the manufacturer. the original charger comes with speedy charging technology and might charge your phone full below or above 1 hour and if opposite, please go get a brand new original infinix charger.

An original infinix charger is available in white color and cord, while a few are available in blue pack. make certain you test them for about 10mins before shopping, due to the fact they may be scarce.

2. charging flex: that is the inbuilt connection between your phone and the charger. if damaged, you will be aware that: your phone will now not flash charge, it will not charge or may also charge slow, and it might not be able to connect to the device again.

If you note these types of issues to your infinix smartphone, kindly go get a brand new charging flex. do not work at the damaged one as it has been destroyed.

3. software program: do that software program can purpose phone to charge slow? sure, you need to upgrade your software running device (os) to higher one to fix bugs and make certain you backup while flashing in order not to lose documents.

4. faulty battery: your phone may not charge properly due to defective battery. if your battery starts increasing in length, kindly word that it has advanced a fault and want to be changed as it won’t charge nicely, is either it charges from 1% to one 100% in 10 minutes or 6 hours.

5. panel problem: that is the worst case, it frequently takes place when you charge your phone with a faux battery or with naked wires and the issue is that it charges slow, gets hot while charging or while pressing. The answer is to take the smartphone to any nearest phone repairing store and get the panel fixed or changed.

These solutions are hundred percent demonstrated. your infinix charging issue must have been from any of the above stated problems. find the one associated with your phone charging issue and get it fixed.

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