How To Save Viewed Instagram Videos On Your Smartphone

Good morning folks, if you are not forgotten we all know the process of saving a viewed whatsapp story pictures and videos into your android device, for the people following this blog should remember our previous post on how to save a particular whatsapp picture and video status on android device .

In this post i will make a quick guidelines and easy process on how you can save any video you have recently viewed on your instagram app directly into your android device.

For example now you have liked or watched an instagram video after viewing it on your personal instagram page, now you decided to save the video to watch later but no avail, you will feel annoyed for not seeing the video again or having data to review, it might be so painful but worried not i will be solving that right away.

How To Save Viewed Instagram Videos On Your Smartphone

Just Follow the procedures i would be explaining below.

  • Goto file manager and locate your internal storage.
  • Now open Android folder after opening the folder then you will now see a Data folder click on it.
  • Now Locate this particular folder with the name then open it.
  • After opening the folder locate cache then click on video folder.
  • In this video folder you will see alot of different file extensions.
  • Now just locate file with .temp and then rename it to .MP4 format the video would play.
  • But in some device the files are saved with this format .clean instead of .temp just rename it to .MP4 format.
  • Let assumed the file name located there is 304552.temp or .clean just change it it to 304552.mp4.
  •  Now simply cut and move the new file i.e 304552.mp4 to a different folder eg your videos folder.

That’s all, drop a thumb up in the comments box if you find the post helpful.