First touch soccer super mod 2018 is a moded version of first touch football 2015 this is a transfer file for players that are in the game but no longer on the clubs they’re meant to be. This is the first texture pack made by Umar Faruq, this transfer pack covers some few players however not every player.

The transfer pack most effective works on fts super mod, if you already have the game no need to download it once more you just needs to download the transfer pack. In case you do not have fts super mod you just have two options which are:

  1. download the save data from Here after you’ve completed downloading it, rename the records folder to the one you are using earlier than, then download the transfer pack below and and follow the steps on how to import the transfer pack.
  2. you may download the First Touch Soccer Super Mod 18 and additionally take a look at a way to import the transfer pack.

New players 
New players will soon be to be available in the game for every club, due to the fact we are operating on a brand new “save data” file for every clun to have their newly registered players.

Guidelines and questions 
In case you located out that, there are players who’re in the game however no longer at their respective club, if something is inaccurate with the transfer pack, feel free to send a mail to droidvillaz01@gmail.com

Personal customization (personal edition)
You can request to get your customized team by sending the names of the players you need to be transferred to any of the clubs of your wish. to do that you just need to email droidvillaz01@gmail.com with the subject on it “my fts team” but make sure all the names of the players you want, are already in the game inorder to get them to your team.

New texture percent 
A few new textures will soon be available, the texture will include: keeper gloves, grass, hairstyles, new boots made by means of umar faruq and a few other stuffs.

How to import the transfer pack 

After the zip file of the transfer pack is being downloaded, simply follow the procedure to import it for your game, there is a video tutorial located in the zip file on how to import the transfer in your game.

  1. Open ZArchiver and extract the zip file (you can download it on Play Store for free)
  2. Go to “sdcard/android/data/”
  3. Open “com.first…./fts” enter “file”
  4.  Scroll down and locate a file named “teamplayerlinks_0.dat” and delete the file
  5. Go back to the folder where you extracted the zip file
  6. Copy “teamplayerlinks_0.dat”
  7. Go back to “sdcard/android/data”
  8. Open “com.first…./fts” enter “file”
  9. Paste “teamplayerlinks_0.dat”
  10.  Exit ZArchiver and play your game

Download The Transfer Pack Here

That’s all… Feel free to drop your thought via comments box.