New 9Mobile 60mb Cheat Now Working Via AnonyTun VPN

Hey guys, the 9mobile 60mb free surfing cheat that become blocked sometime ago is working again via anonytun vpn using a new server.

Though this cheat isn’t unlimited but it’s conceivable and it works on all 9mobile (etisalat) sim  cards without active data plan or airtime on it as a result it is tagged 0.0kb cheat.

Of course that is executed with the assist of a virtual private network app known as anonytun. Recall, there are numerous versions of this app – anonytun beta, anonytun pro, anonytun english model and so on. they all works perfectly for this tweak. so with out wasting a whole lot time, see how to go about the settings so that it will preserve taking part your cheat.

📌 Your Android Device
📌 9mobile sim with 0.0kb
📌 Anonytum VPN
📌 Strong 💪 3G or 4G network
📌 Get AnonyTun VPN app, download it from Here if you don’t have it already installed on your phone.


📌 Lunch your anonytum VPN app

📌 Tap on sheath settings

📌 Turn on shealth tunnel on/off

📌 Connection protocol choose Http

📌 Turn on custom TCP/HTTP headers

📌 Tap on edit custom TCP/HTTP headers


📌 Request method post

📌 Injection method: Normal

📌 Tick on keep alive and useragent

📌 Click on generate and save

📌 Connect your Anonytum

📌 Port 8081 or 7254

NOTE: this 9mobile free browsing is capped at 5060mb . Enjoy while it last.

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